All our activities are guided by an Ethical Code that regulates the relationship with all our suppliers, employees and customers. Unique Uniforms firmly believes in honesty, transparency, social and environmental responsibility.

This is why our company personally controls all stages of the production chain and chooses, at the expense of higher costs, to manufacture all garments in collaboration with partners that share our same values and work in countries that safeguard employees' and consumers’ rights.

Unique Uniforms, throughout its activities, pays particular attention to respecting and safeguarding partners and individuals with whom it interacts, while at the same time being careful of not harming the environment.
The points that distinguish our company’s ethical code and which we feel responsible for are the following:

  • Unique Uniforms believes and respects the rights of its employees and it guarantees the payment of the minimum wage defined by the law of the country where it operates.

  • Unique Uniforms is against any form of discrimination towards its employees, partners and clients. Our choices are never based on gender, colour, religion, social status but we believe in meritocracy and respect for human rights.

  • Unique Uniforms believes and respects consumers’ rights, including being always informed about products and services in a transparent way, receiving orders in time and being heard in case of complaints, suggestions or simple requests.

  • Unique Uniforms believes in its products in terms of quality, comfort and longevity. We are aware that our garments must be worn by children and teenagers for long periods during the day, that’s why we pay particular attention to the quality of the materials used.

  • Unique Uniforms strongly believes that the use of school uniforms can help to fight bullying, materialism, competitiveness and discrimination amongst students.

  • Unique Uniforms strongly believes in the respect of its customers’ privacy guaranteed by a personal data management system that complies with the main national and international regulations. We respect such policies as a condition for our actions and we are committed to following their evolution over time.

  • Unique Uniforms shares the values of our ethical code with all our sevice providers and production partners because we believe it helps enforce and mantain an ethically and responsible model to operate.

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