Middle School Uniform Ordering Instructions

All TASIS students must wear a school uniform. Required uniform garments must be orderedthrough the TASIS official uniform supplier, Unique Uniforms. We offer many uniform items to allow students some choice in colors and styles.

Please respect the ordering deadline of April 30 to allow Unique Uniforms enough time to fulfill your children's orders before the beginning of the new school year. Placing the order by the deadline doesn’t imply any commitment on your part since orders can be canceled, changed, or fully refunded any time before delivery.

Order and Delivery Terms

  •     Orders for the new academic year must be submitted by April 30. Families who process their order after this deadline may not receive all requested garments by the beginning of the new school year. Newly enrolled students should submit their orders as soon as possible.
  •     From April 1, the Unique Uniforms website will only allow customers to place orders for the new school year. If you require something before the new year, contact info@uniqueuniforms.ch and they will ship it within five working days.
  •     Some items, if ordered late, may be out of stock in September and will be available again in November.
  •     During the rest of the year, the company’s warehouse will be stocked and will deliver all orders within 5 to 7 working days. In the unlikely event a garment is out of stock, the delivery time might take up to six weeks.
  •     Orders can be sent to a Swiss address for CHF 10 or can be delivered to TASIS free of charge. We recommend that families living in Switzerland opt for the home delivery option.
  •     All orders for September with the home delivery option will be shipped the week before the start of the school year. All orders sent to the School will be delivered during Orientation and a timetable will be sent in the summer.
  •     Alterations and tailoring are available on campus during Orientation. Most garment alterations cost CHF 10–30.


Payment Terms

All orders must be paid in advance through the online shop via credit card, wire transfer, or cash on delivery.


Additional Uniform Orders, Size Exchanges, & Returns

  •     Order cancellations are possible; please contact info@uniqueuniforms.ch to be refunded.
  •     Items can be returned or exchanged at TASIS free of charge. Garments must be returned in perfect condition and in their original packaging within 14 days of delivery. No goods or claims will be accepted after this period of time.
  •     Exchanges or other requests during the two weeks following Orientation can be made by appointment only.
  •     During the school year, the Unique Uniforms team is available every Tuesday and Thursday from 10:00–13:00 on the ground floor of Monticello for new orders, size exchanges, and returns. If those times are inconvenient or if you have any other special requests, please contact info@uniqueuniforms.ch.


Unique Uniforms Contact Information

Telephone:                                                   +41 91 994 5612

General information:                                   info@uniqueuniforms.ch

Returns & size exchanges:                         returns@uniqueuniforms.ch

Information on order status:                      logistics@uniqueuniforms.ch




Please review the chart below for suggested quantities of each uniform item.

The Unique Uniforms website includes a sizing chart, but feel free to contact them with sizing questions.


TASIS Uniform Collection

Available colors

Suggested minimum quantities for BOARDING students

Suggested minimum quantities for DAY students


(colors and styles are the student’s choice)




TASIS short-sleeved Oxford shirt (girls, boys)




TASIS long-sleeved Oxford shirt (girls, boys)

white, gray stretch (girls)



TASIS polo shirt (girls: lady fit, boys)

white, red, navy blue



TASIS turtleneck

white, navy blue



TASIS polo shirt (boys)





(colors and styles are the student’s choice)




TASIS wool round-neck sweater (girls)

light gray



TASIS zipped cardigan

navy blue



TASIS v-neck sweater (boys)




TASIS v-neck vest

navy blue




(colors and styles are the student’s choice)




tailored trousers (girls)

navy blue, beige



tailored capri trousers (girls)

beige, navy blue



wool trousers (boys)

navy blue, dark gray



tailored summer trousers (boys)

navy blue, /beige



chinos (boys)

navy blue, beige




SKIRT (girls)        




TASIS wool plaid skirt

(no alterations to length are allowed)






(colors and styles are the student’s choice)


striped, crested



TASIS Ties (Boys)

striped, winter, dotted



Unisex Dotted winter scarf

navy blue



Unisex Boy Scarf




Unisex Dotted Scarf

navy blue




(shirt colors and styles are the student’s choice)


suggested quantities below

suggested quantities below

TASIS unisex tracksuit top

navy blue



TASIS unisex tracksuit pants

navy blue



TASIS t-shirt or sports shirt (all three colors are required)

gray, navy blue, red



TASIS unisex gym shorts

navy blue




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