The Maddalena di Canossa Institute has offered for the past 170 years the city of Pavia a high quality educational and cultural proposal.
Our formative methodology originates from the experience of Santa Maddalena of Canossa and the long tradition of the Canossian Schools in Italy and in the world. It is a Catholic school, where the vision of the world, of humanity and of history is shared according to human-Christian values. Its cultural model focuses on education of the heart, the development of the potential of the mind through didactic paths of excellence, openness to positive and creative relationships, animated by a solid ethical and social sense. It is a welcoming school, which trains students and accompanies them with “sweetness and firmness "from childhood to adolescence, so that they become free individuals, with critical and research skills with a profound sense of their own existence, which leads them to the development of their individual talents.

Cultural attention is paid to the most modern methodological techniques considered pedagogically effective and positive, with particular focus on approaches that in the whole curriculum promote the development of languages, digital education and a specialist learning skills.

The didactic proposal of the formative courses and the evaluation criteria are in line with the Ministerial indications and legislation, guaranteeing the achievement of the goals of competence, the formation of solid and safe cultural bases, open to the territory and to national and European prospectives.
The high level of preparation is proved by the results of the Invalsi tests and national contests.

Istituto Maddalena di Canossa Pavia

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