ISB believes that wearing school uniform teaches students to dress smartly and take pride in their appearance.

A uniform means students do not have to worry about peer pressure when it comes to their clothes as everyone is dressed the same. Wearing correct uniform is mandatory for all students. ISB is an open-minded and tolerant environment and students who do not feel comfortable in 'gender-typical' items may wear any other item from the school uniform collection and will be supported by the school community. All items must be clearly named. Please refer to the website for guidance and instructions how to place an order. Incorrect uniform will be marked on the register in ManageBac and this will appear on the child’s End of Term report.

Winter/Summer uniform - all students must attend and exit the school in the correct winter or summer school uniform. Summer uniform should be worn from September until the end of the first half Term (October). Winter uniform should be worn from after the first half term break until the Easter holidays. Summer uniform should be worn after the Easter holidays until the end of the academic year. In cases of extreme temperatures exceptions will be made and this will be communicated. 

Jewellery is strongly discouraged with only one stud earring in each ear permitted and these should be removed for PSPE and PHE.

Formal uniform – Grade 1- 6 & MYP and DP students are required to wear either their summer or winter formal uniform once a week, on Friday. All assemblies will be conducted in formal uniform. There may be other occasions where students will be asked to wear their formal uniform, such as school trips or other events. 

On some occasions throughout the school year students will be asked to wear their house colour t-shirt.

Sports uniform (Grade 1 - 6 and MYP) is to be worn for all PE classes and on other appropriate occasions.  It is for your child’s safety and comfort that they are required to wear the PE uniform and that long hair is tied back. On PE days students can come to school in their P.E. uniform, however Grade 5 & 6 and MYP students will need to wear their daily uniform during class time (i.e. they will get changed before and after the PSPE/PHE lesson).
Nail varnish and hair colours (other than natural colours) are not permitted. 

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